Efficient and effective – collaboration in the digital workplace

Social collaboration thanks to the digital workplace

Social collaboration thanks to the digital workplace

Social collaboration – Meaning

Successful together with social collaboration

First things first: what is social collaboration? Social collaboration means people cooperating via digital media and platforms, for example on a social intranet: or with the help of the digital workplace. Whether as a project or groupwork, employees develop solutions together across departments through social collaboration. They use virtual team rooms to coordinate their work and exchange documents as well as knowledge, for example. Therefore, social collaboration includes new forms of communication and collaboration within the setting of companies and organizations. In this respect, it is a fundamental part of the digital workplace of the future.

Succeed together | your digital workplace
Successfull together thanks to social collaboration

The social collaboration solution

Benefits of social collaboration – for efficiency and communication

Digital tools are so important for social collaboration, which is why social collaboration consists of much more than just a few clever tools. Think of employees: only when the employees in a company make use of the software’s capabilities do the benefits of social collaboration shine through as a result. In other words: the different forms of collaboration and communication require a new business culture with its own social rules and structures. Flat hierarchies and flexible teams working with one another across departments are therefore often hallmarks of social collaboration. Social collaboration offers numerous benefits for a company here:

Thanks to the new forms of teamwork, social collaboration creates a modern workplace that massively improves contact between the members of a team and a project group. That strengthens the exchange of knowledge within the company and ensures that crucial know-how is distributed within the company.

In social collaboration, the focus is on collaborative work that, thanks to the digital teamwork options, reduces meetings and email communication. As a result, social collaboration increases the efficiency of a company and gives it a competitive edge.

Whether on a business trip, working from home or in the traditional office – social collaboration improves collaboration even beyond departments and sites according to the software used. As a result, social collaboration is a key factor in combining the interests and requirements of employees and employers.

From simplified work processes and improved communication to flexible options for collaboration, social collaboration creates a productive working environment that employees feel comfortable in.

Intrexx share collaboration
Social collaboration is a digital workplace tool

Social collaboration platform

Intrexx Share, the professional social collaboration tool

Social collaboration tool that meets the needs of the company’s employees is required to help them internalize social collaboration and put it into practice in their everyday lives at the company. The application Intrexx Share, based on the low-code platform Intrexx, provides not only a digital workspace but also social media functions that facilitate the networking of employees in a company. With numerous elements such as an activity stream, workgroups, data storage, scheduling tools and much more, Intrexx Share ensures successful social collaboration. The best thing is that the out-of-the-box Intrexx Share application is ready to use in just a few clicks. You can therefore get cracking with social collaboration tomorrow.

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